A Comparative Analysis of Website Features in the Healthcare Sector

Z. Tanrıkulu(1*)

(1) Management Information Systems Department at Bogazici University, Turkey
(*) Corresponding author

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Healthcare is one of the most essential states in every part of our daily lives. Therefore, healthcare business getting more complex every day and the needs of the information systems are becoming more crucial. Is it possible to introduce a new information technology into inpatient care settings in an attempt to improve access to information and communication? Are there any technical and usability limitations of having your health status monitored on the Internet, or being able to consult a specialist without having to go to a health center? Therefore, what are the criteria for having a good website? This research aims to provide comparative analysis of current websites in the healthcare sector. To achieve that, twenty hospitals have been compared according to their utilization of the Internet. Websites of top five hospitals have also been used in the analysis to represent standardized service quality. In this paper, you can find the details of technical specifications being used to automate some time-consuming jobs and the websites of reputable healthcare organizations.
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Health Information Systems; Internet Technologies; Website Design

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