Seismic Inelastic Response of R/C Frames with Vertical Irregularities

T. Branci(1*)

(1) Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architectural, Hassiba Benbouali, University of Chlef, Algeria
(*) Corresponding author

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This paper presents the inelastic seismic response of multistory reinforced concrete (R/C) frame structures with irregularities in elevation. Five twelve-story frame structures with different degrees of irregularity in elevation were selected and their responses were compared with the ones of a corresponding regular structure. Three cases of vertical irregularities have been considered: 1) frames with single setback, 2) stepped frame, and 3) frame having a soft first story. The frames have been designed to the provisions of Eurocode 2 (EC2) and Eurocode 8 (EC8) for the medium ductility class (DCM) and common peak ground acceleration and material characteristics. All frames have been subjected to inelastic dynamic time-history analysis, due to an ensemble of seven ground motions. The effects of these irregularities on the seismic responses of the frames were compared and discussed. The comparisons revealed that frames having vertical irregularities show significantly high demand for ductility, peak displacement and inter-story drift for columns and beams at soft first story and setback story level when compared to regular frame. Abrupt changes in shears are experienced near the levels of the setbacks.
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Frame; Inelastic; Irregular; Response; Seismic

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