Experimental Determination of the Liquefaction Potential of Sands Using Standard Geotechnical Laboratory Equipment

R. Porras-Soriano(1*), S. López-Querol(2), R. Blázquez(3)

(1) Department of Applied Mechanics and Project Engineering, Univ. de Castilla – La Mancha, Spain
(2) Department of Civil Engineering, Univ. de Castilla – La Mancha, Spain
(3) Department of Civil Engineering, Univ. de Castilla – La Mancha, Spain
(*) Corresponding author

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This paper is aimed to explain a new methodology for evaluating the behaviour of sandy soil under dynamic loadings. In order to do so, only standard soil mechanics laboratory equipment has been used. Currently, the liquefaction potential is determined in the laboratory by means of undrained and drained dynamic triaxial, resonant column or shaking table tests. However, these tests are far from being of generalized use in most soil mechanics laboratories. The equipment employed herein has been the conventional direct shear box, in which the cyclic loading is manually applied to different samples of quartzitic sand subjected to various vertical loading conditions. By correlating the stress distributions in the direct shear box and the simple shear apparatus, a recently proposed liquefaction model has been calibrated, and the sand liquefaction potential has been estimated.
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Densification; Cyclic Shear Tests; Liquefaction Potential

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