Sandy Soil Improvement Using Acrylic Resin Grout Injection

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This laboratory project aimed to investigate the effect of Acrylic resin (AR) grout injection on improvement of physical and mechanical properties of fine sand. AR grout was prepared by mixing Acrylic resin with water in certain weight percentages (5, 10, 15, 20 and 25%). Fine-grained sand was prepared in three different dry densities (loose, medium and dense) in a cylindrical mould and subjected to this resinous grout injection. Afterwards, one dimensional compression test was performed on grouted samples after passing the curing period. Effect of curing period, soil dry density and the grout concentration were investigated on compressive strength and elastic modulus of treated samples. Experiments demonstrate that increasing the grout concentration leads to compressive strength and elastic modulus enhancement. On the other hand, by increasing AR percent in the grout, loose sand samples presented higher compressive strength and elastic modulus improvement in comparison with medium and dense sand.
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Acrylic Resin; Compressive Strength; Elastic Modulus; Fine Sand; Grouting

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