Response of Resilient-End Supported Beam on Elastic Sub-Grade to a Moving Point Load

Shahin Nayyeri Amiri(1*), Asad Esmaeily(2)

(1) Kansas State University, United States
(2) Kansas State University, Civil Engineering Department, United States
(*) Corresponding author

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In this study, the response of a resilient- end supported beam on an elastic sub-grade to a moving concentrated load is obtained using the method of the harmonic series analysis. Numerical examples are given in order to determine the effects of various parameters on the dynamic response of the beam. From the solutions obtained, within the ranges of parameters considered, it was seen that for the case of simply-supported beams the series solutions converge very rapidly, and an increase in the elastic foundation parameter results in the decrease in beam deflections with the maximum dynamic deflections occurring under the load. Furthermore, for the very low speeds of the load the deflection profile becomes symmetric with respect to the load.
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Resilient-End Supported Beam; Elastic Sub-Grade; Moving Point Load; Dynamic Response

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