Improving the Bearing Capacity of Footing on Soft Clay with Sand Pile with/without Skirts

Ashraf K. Nazir(1*), Waseim R. Azzam(2)

(1) Structural Engineering Dept., Faculty of Engineering, Tanta University, Egypt
(2) Structural Engineering Dept., Faculty of Engineering, Tanta University, Egypt
(*) Corresponding author

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This paper presents the results of laboratory model tests for studying the improvement of soft clay layer by using both partial replaced sand columns with/without confinement. This research is performed to study the effect of sand column to improve the bearing capacity, control the settlement, the variation of sub grade modulus, and investigate the induced failure mechanism of shallow circular footing on replaced soil with/without skirts. The results show that the improvement of load bearing capacity could be remarkably induced, using both partial replaced sand column with and without confinement by skirts. The adopted technique can substantially modify the stress displacement curve and significantly decreases the settlement. In addition, it makes the replaced soil block inside the skirts behaves as deep foundation. Therefore, the mechanism of the bearing capacity failure of a footing rested on soft clay can be modified from punching to general bearing capacity failure at the tip of confined replaced sand column.
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Soil Improvement; Bearing Capacity; Circular Footing; Soft Clay; Confinement; Skirts

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