Analysis of the Behavior of Concrete Seawalls Against Earthquake and Wave Impact Loads

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Seawalls are commonly constructed to prevent landward erosion of shorelines and maintain configuration of the area behind them against wave action. Recently, rising of sea level, particularly in the northern coastline of Iran, has attracted considerable attention of researchers to design and construction of seawalls in that region. The impact force resulting from sea waves is one of the main factors in destruction of seawalls. The present study is aimed to analyze two concrete seawalls under different loading conditions; earthquake force and wave impact loads as dynamic loadings and also hydrodynamic force as a determinant static loading on seawalls. From the simulations, displacements and Von mises stresses at the critical points of structures are obtained. The effect of wave impact load on the wall and the resulting displacements have also been explored. According to generated results at the critical points of structures such as crest and toe, higher sensitivity to wave impact loads is observed near the sea level and the crest of the seawall. Comparing the results of semi static and dynamic analysis, it further observed that dynamic analysis demonstrated significant effect of wave impact load on the results than that of static one, as the earthquake force is applied.
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Seawall; Wave Impact Load; Earthquake Force; Von Mises Stress; Displacement

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