Vol 1, No 4 (2013)

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Semi-Numerical Analytical Solution to Linear and Nonlinear Heat Equations via the Reduced Differential Transformation Method PDF
Nizar Hafiz AbuGhannam, Iyad Suwan 235-241

Development of Effective Thermal Conductivity Measurement in Geomaterials by Surface Transient Hot-Wire Method PDF
Benoit Merckx, Patrick Dudoignon, Jean-Philippe Garnier, Sergueil Martemianov 242-248

Catering Meals Under Blast-Cooling: Comparison between Zero and First-Order Modeling with Respect to Spatial Dependence of Temperature PDF
José A. Rabi, Isabelle Trezzani-Harbelot, Elisabeth Morelli, Jacques Guilpart 249-258

Study on the Heat Transfer of the Rectangular Fin with Dehumidification: Temperature Distribution and Fin Efficiency PDF
Abdenour Bourabaa, Mohamed Saighi, Malika Fekih, Brahim Belal 259-265

Effect of Geometric and Operating Parameters on Performance of Helical Coiled Tube Heat Exchanger PDF
Pramod S. Purandare, Mandar M. Lele, Rajkumar Gupta 266-270

Instant Hot Water Generation System for Domestic Utility in Rural Areas PDF
P. Selvakumar, P. Somasundaram 271-275

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