Vol 1, No 1 (2013)

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Numerical Analysis on Heat Transfer Enhancement and Wall Shear Stress of an Alumina Nanofluid for Different Forced Convection Flows PDF
Alina A. Minea, Oronzio Manca 1-4

Model-Based Approach for Investigation of Ladle Lining Damages PDF
Emil G. Mihailov, Venko I. Petkov, Ivan V. Doichev, Kosta P. Boshnakov 5-10

Determination of Stationary Temperature Distribution in Shielded Cables of Finite Length PDF
Florian Loos, Karl Dvorsky, Hans-Dieter Ließ 11-21

Analysis and Modeling of Heat Generation in Overcharged Li-Ion Battery with Passive Cooling PDF
Paul T. Coman, Christian T. Veje 22-29

Liquid Internal Cooling of High-Power Synchronous Permanent Magnet Generator Winding in Arctic Conditions PDF
M. Polikarpova, P. Röyttä, J. Pyrhönen 30-36

Enhancement of Heat Transfer through Jet Impingement by Using Detached Ribs PDF
Anupam Dewan, Deep Prakash Gupt, Sanjeev Sanghi 37-46

Two Dimensional Effects and Design Criteria with Biot and Transfer Number for Circular (Annular) Fins Having Internal Heat Generation Density PDF
Eleutherios N. Georgiou, Kypros F. Milidonis 47-56

eXtended Discrete Element Method Used for Convective Heat Transfer Predictions PDF
Alvaro A. Estupinan Donoso, Florian Hoffman, Bernhard J. Peters 57-65

Numerical Study of Turbulent Heat Transfer in Separated Flow: Review PDF
Hussein Togun, Tuqa Abdulrazzaq Fliyyah, Kazi Md Salim Newaz, Abdul Amir H. Kadhum, Ahmed Badarudin, Mohd Khairol Anuar Mohd Ariffin, Emad Sadeghinezhad 66-78

Solar Assisted Air-Conditioner, Simulation and Economic Analysis at Four-Seasonal Climate PDF
P. Ooshaksaraei, K. Sopian, R. Zulkifli 79-86

Performance of Single Pass Photovoltaic Thermal Solar Collector with Bifacial Solar Cells PDF
P. Ooshaksaraei, K. Sopian, R. Zulkifli, Saleem H. Zaidi, R. Sirwan 87-92

Swirl Analysis in Round Tubes with Partially Short Length Twisted Tapes with Turbulent Flow PDF
R. J. Yadav, A. S. Padalkar 93-103

Investigation on Thermal Balance of CI Engine Fuelled by Pongamia Pinnata Biodiesel and Hydrogen as Secondary Fuel PDF
C. Jegadheesan, P. Somasundaram 104-107

Optimization of Rectangular Microchannel Depth Under Forced Convection Heat Transfer Condition PDF
B. S. Gawali, D. A. Kamble 108-112

Effects of the Heated Surface on the Unsteady Two Dimensional Natural Convection in Enclosures Bounded by Two Paraboloids of Revolution PDF
Samba Dia, Cheikh Mbow 113-120

Flameless Combustion and the Effect of Air Preheat on the Combustion Performance: a Review PDF
Abuelnuor Abdeen Ali Abuelnuor, Mazlan Abdul Wahid, Aminuddin Saat, Mohamed Osman Abdalla, Seyed Ehsan Hosseini 121-130

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