Parametric Study of the Salt Gradient Pond Stability

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The problem of Mass and heat transfer and Stability within a salt gradient pond (SGP) has been numerically investigated using a two-dimensional model. The purpose of this study is to apprehend the hydrodynamic and thermal characteristics of the SGP taking into account the Soret effect. The Navier-Stokes equations under the Boussinesq approximation, energy and concentration equations were discretized using the finite volume method. A parametric study of the fluid hydrodynamic behaviour in the pond shows the influence of the thermal Rayleigh and the Lewis numbers on the performance of the pond. We also carried out the influence of the both Soret effect and the heat extraction on the stability of the salt gradient pond. This work highlights the importance of the gradient salinity to preserve the high temperature in the bottom of the pond.
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Renewable Energy; Salt Gradient Pond; Soret Effect; Pond Stability

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