A Differential-Algebraic Approach for Dynamic Modeling of Diesel Engine Particulate Aftertreatment Systems

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A new model for a typical diesel engine particulate aftertreatment system, which consists of exhaust pipes, a fuel burner for active soot regeneration and a diesel particulate filter (DPF) is developed. The model described by nonlinear high-index differential-algebraic equations (DAEs) is more general than ordinary differential approximations, and is realized using a singularly perturbed sliding manifold (SPSM) approach. The system parameters and model realization are verified using experimental data. Behaviors of the dynamic system (stability and observability) near an equilibrium point are investigated using Lyapunov’s linearization method. The DAE model is transformed into a linear-like form and based on that a sliding mode observer (SMO) is designed. Application of the SMO design approach to the aftertreatment system model is evaluated using actual vehicle test data and results are encouraging.
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Sliding Mode Observer; Differential-Algebraic Equation; Nonlinear System Modeling; Diesel Particulate Aftertreatment System; Diesel Engines

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