Contribution to Thermo-Hydrodynamic Study of Journal Bearing Under a Stationary Load

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The present work is a synthesis of some studies, realized on hydrodynamics journal bearings. The behavior of the lubricant film in the hydrodynamic contact is described by the equation of viscous thin film, also denominated the Reynolds equation. The boundaries conditions used to study the journal bearing with finite length are those of Reynolds and Elrod. A global thermal study is done in order to evaluate the effect of temperature. Direct problem (consisting in determining the load for a given position of shaft in the bearing) and the inverse problem (consisting in determining the position of the shaft in the bearing for an applied loading) of lubrication are treated. Obtained results for a finite length bearing are compared with those obtained using the theory of the short bearing. A flow chart taking in account the resolution of the problems cited above is elaborated. A computer code is realized permit the calculation and the visualization of the important parameters of a hydrodynamic contact

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Hydrodynamic Bearing; Static Load; Thermal Effect; Elrod; Reynolds

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