Study of Heat Transfer Enhancement by Delta Wing Vortex Generators Using Experimentation and CFD

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The Enhancement of heat transfer through various enhancement techniques are focused areas from many years. In this paper the CFD analysis of heat transfer enhancement by vortex generators on a flat plate is focused. The vortex generators are in the form of delta wings. Delta wings are mounted on a flat plate using inline and staggered arrangement. The analysis is performed for delta wing vortex generators of 0.6mm thick on Aluminium plate of 150mm × 150mm size and 10mm thick with angle of attack of delta wings as 450, variation in velocities such as 2.5m/s, 3.5m/s and 4.5m/s with inline and staggered positions of vortex generators. The results of all arrangements are compared with each other and optimum solution is identified. Also, the CFD results are compared with experimental results. It is observed that at higher velocities, staggered arrangement of delta wings shows high values of heat transfer coefficient as compared to plane or inline arrangement. Using CFD, the effect on different parameters such as temperature, pressure, velocity, heat dissipation rate and turbulence eddy dissipation rate of vortex generators are also discussed.
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CFD; Delta Wings; Staggered Arrangement; Turbulence Eddy; Vortex Generators

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