CFD Analysis of Heat Transfer in Reciprocating Helical Coil with Piston Cooling Application

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This study focuses on the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis that could lead to a physically consistent correlation, which assist to evaluate the local heat transfer in the reciprocating helical coils by permitting the individual and interactive effects of centrifugal force, torsional force, pulsating force and reciprocating buoyancy on the forced convection to be quantified. A rapid and robust Navier-Stokes flow solver in finite volume formulation (Fluent) has been used for simulation of flow and conjugate heat transfer. Steady state and transient heat transfer analysis with several operating conditions is carried out for static and reciprocating coil conditions. A grid independent analysis is also presented. Comparison with the experimental data indicates that the simulation methodology is accurate enough.
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Reciprocating Heat Transfer; Spiral Cooling Passage

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