Failings Analysis of the Dynamic Boiler E.V.T MITTAL STEEL Complex Annaba Algeria

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The majority incidents in the natural circulation steam generators is associated with the variation of the thermohydraulics parameters as well as the abrupt explosion of the vaporiser tubes  and superheater. The object of this study is aimed to the assessment of the principal cause of explosion of the vaporizer tubes in the dynamic boiler E.V.T –MITTAL STEEL complex -Annaba- Algeria- The finalized trial program concerns the evaluation of the two phase flow heat transfer coefficient and the internal temperature wall by a Kandlikar model,.the application of this last show that we have a bad flow quality in vaporizer tubes provokes the increase of the heat transfer coefficient and cause the explosion, how it  in accord with our results.
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Explosion; Vaporizer Tube; Critical Overheating; Nucleate Boiling; Vaporization

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Bunout: it’s the wall critical overheating; with the risk of the wall mechanical destruction. Phenomenon occurs in the liquid to feeble mass quality and a minimal heat transfer coefficient and very high wall temperature and heat flux.


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