Manufacturing Extrusion Process for Forced Convection Micropolar Fluids Flow with Magnetic Effect Over a Stretching Sheet

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A heat transfer problem for micropolar fluids with magnetic effect past through a stretching sheet has been studied. Governing equations for heat convection equation of a stretching sheet, and continuity equation, momentum equation and energy equation of a micropolar fluid have been analyzed by a combination of the similarity transformation and a finite-difference method. The paper studies of these dimensionless parameters, the Prandtl number Pr, the magnetic parameter M, the material parameter K and the Eckert number Ec, respectively. The numerical results indicate that, an increase in the magnetic parameter gives a decrease in the values of the velocities and Nusselt number, or an increase in the values of the shear stress, couple stress at the surface and temperature. The material parameter has the opposite effect of magnetic field parameter on the values of the velocities, temperature, and shear stress and Nusselt number. The temperature decreases as the Prandtl number increases or increases as the Eckert number increases.
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Heat Transfer; Magnetic Field; Micropolar Fluid; Stretching Sheet; Finite Difference Method

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