Pulsation Flow in the Vapour Channel of Short Low Temperature Range Heat Pipes

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The results of researches on pulsation vortex flows in the vapour channel similar to the Laval nozzle of short linear heat pipes are presented. Capacitive sensors are additionally installed in cooled top covers of the heat pipes, and electromagnetic pulses were supplied to them from the external generator. At heating the heat pipe evaporator, starting from a certain thermal power threshold value, electromagnetic pulses became modulated. It is related with the formations of the boiling process in the evaporator and large amount of vapour over it. Boiling process results in rapid increase of the pressure under which the average temperature of the evaporator occurs to be less than the boiling temperature of the working fluid under increased pressure. Considering condensation of excess vapour, this leads to repeated initiation and extinction of the boiling process in the evaporator, which reflects in pressure pulsations in the vapour channel. Pressure pulsations cause modulating effect on electromagnetic impulses. Pulsations frequencies are measured as well as their dependence from overheating of the evaporator.
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Low-Temperature Range Short Linear Heat Pipes; Laval Nozzle; Capacitive Condensation Sensor

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