A Hydrodynamic and Mass Comparative Study in the Field of Energy Consumption between a Chamfered and a Straight Bladed

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Steps encountered in industrial production lines, food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, cleaning products, etc. draw upon the precepts of agitation, agitation fluid mechanics aims to promote the mixture to obtain a certain degree of homogeneity of the final product and increase the mass transfer phenomena. A hydrodynamics study and mass is needed to optimize the design of tanks and mobile agitation. A local study and global namely speed and the number of power on a system of conventional stirring stirred by a bladed right (d/D = 0.5) allowed us to compare our results with experimental literature, a very good agreement was observed. This validation will then perform simulations on a two-blade configuration such as a chamfered the number of powers is analyzed. It was shown that the hydrodynamics is modified by the effect of chamfer mobile that plays a role. A comparative analysis between the chamfered and the straight bladed is adopted

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Mechanical Agitation; Newtonian Fluid; Numerical Simulation; CFD; Two-Bladed Stirrer Chamfer; Viscous Fluids; Bladed Chamfered; Mass Transfer; Miscible Fluids; Hydrodynamics

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