Mechanical and Tribological Characterization of an Alloy of Surface Fe-Cr Formed by Laser Remelting and the Effect of the Heat Treatment on the TTS

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Our study aims at the surface tribological transformation of an alloy of surface Fe-Cr formed by laser remelting with power CO2 .We are questioned on the behavior of this material under the effect of cyclic loading with dynamic indentation with controlled load and without lubrication. The microscopic analysis show us the behavior and the variations create after TTS according to three considerations; the first is based on the mechanism of alloy and its phenomenon of recrystallization, the second on the behaviour of this alloy after quenching followed by a TTS and the third on the surface tribological behaviour of same alloy after tempering
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Microstructure; Quenching; Tempering; Indentation (TTS); Plastic Deformation

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