Effect of the Slope on the Natural Convection in a Semi-Cylindrical Surge

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The determination of heat transfer rate and the characteristics of the flows generated by the forces of Archimedes in cavities is a problem of which the interest so much on the fundamental level than on the one of the practical applications is important. Among these applications one can cite: the storage of the fluids, the flow of air in the rooms and the solar collectors. Very little information are currently available in the literature, on the numerical as well as on experimental levels, about the structure of natural convection flow occurring in a tilted semi-cylindrical cavity, like the natural flow of the air in the agricultural greenhouses, the cylinder-shaped hangars, or the cockpits of the airliners.
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Thermics; Natural Convection; Laminar Mode; Pregnant Closed; Multi-Cellular; Finite Volume; CFD2000

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