Numerical Study of Natural Convection in a Square Porous Cavity Heated by Bottom Wall

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This paper deals with natural convection in a square porous media heated by bottom wall, driven by cooperating thermal and buoyancy forces. The physical model for the momentum conservation equation makes use of the Extended Darcy model, and the set of coupled equations is solved using a finite volume approach. The numerical simulations presented here span a wide range of the main parameters (the Rayleigh and Darcy numbers). The results are compared with previous numerical data. The results are mainly analyzed in terms of stream functions, temperature profiles, local and average Nusselt numbers at the bottom wall of the enclosure for uniform and sinusoidal heating. The different heat transfer regimes meaning conduction and convection are investigated for various ranges of the governing parameters.
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Natural Convection; Square Cavity; Porous Medium; Extended Darcy Model

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