Numerical Investigation on Potential Effects Induced by Rotor-Stator Interaction in an Axial Turbine

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A three-dimensional Navier-Stokes code is used to numerically investigate the rotor-stator interaction in a large scale turbine inlet guide vane (IGV) placed upstream of a moving circular cylinder system. Potential counterflow interactions are more especially discussed. Steady and unsteady simulations are performed and show that the potential effect generates significant pressure fluctuations on both the pressure and suction sides. A detailed analysis of the pressure field shows that these cylinder-induced disturbances propagate upstream as a nearly sinusoidal acoustic wave. The initial amplitude and form of the wave is connected to the stagnation pressure and the location of the stagnation point on the cylinder in the rotating frame. In addition, a numerical comparison with viscous wake interactions by positioning a cylinder upstream of the IGV shows that disturbances induced by potential effect have the same order of magnitude. To corroborate the numerical results, experimental measurements are carried out in a low speed large scale cascade facility placed upstream of a specially designed circular-cylinder rotating system.
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Rotor-Stator Interaction; Potential Effect; Numerical Simulations; Turbine; Low-Speed Preconditioning

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