Finite Volume Analysis of a Wire-on-Tube Heat Exchanger Used for Cooling of Electronics

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In this article, a numerical analysis of the performance of a wire-on-tube heat exchanger used as external condenser in a closed tow phase loop thermosyphon is presented. This loop is used for cooling an electronic package.  During the condensation the dielectric vapor leaving the evaporator flows through the tube of the heat exchanger. The heat transfer takes place from the outer surfaces of the condenser to external environment by free or forced convection. The finite volume method is used in the thermal analysis; the dielectric fluids used are FC-72 and PF-5060. The effects of the nature of the fluid and the operating conditions like ambient temperature, masse flow rate of the fluid, the nature of convection and the power dissipated by the electronic component on the performance of the heat exchanger have been discussed. This study is a design tool which can helps in determining the length of the tube required for a complete phase change and to predict the quality of the fluid leaving the heat exchanger under different operating conditions
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Electronic Cooling; Free Convection; Forced Convection; Finite Volume Method; Wire On-Tube Heat Exchangers

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