Vol 8, No 6 (2013)

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Soft-Switching Buck PFC Converter for a High-Efficiency AC-DC LED Driver PDF
Jae-Won Yang, Hyun-Lark Do 1647-1655

A Bridgeless SEPIC PFC Rectifier with Reduced Conduction Losses PDF
Jae-Won Yang, Hyun-Lark Do 1656-1662

A Novel High-Efficiency High-Power-Factor Single-Stage Converter for Small-Scale Wind Power Generation System PDF
Yi-Hung Liao, Yi-Jyhn Cheng, Li-Ching Yang 1663-1670

Trapezoidal PWM with Direct Modulation Technique (TPWM-DM) Using a Low Cost Microcontroller with High Signal Quality for Power Inverters PDF
P. J. Sotorrío-Ruiz, F. J. Sánchez-Pacheco, F. Pérez-Hidalgo, J. R. Heredia-Larrubia 1671-1680

A Review on Power Quality Enhanced Converter of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Wind Generator PDF
Navdeep Singh, Vineeta Agrawal 1681-1693

A New Boost DC-DC Converter Exhibiting Low Stresses and High Efficiency PDF
Aurel Cireşan, Mircea Gurbină, Daniel Drăghici, Dan Lascu 1694-1700

Inverter with Passive/Active Regenerative Snubbers PDF
P. Radika 1701-1707

Modeling, Design and Simulation of Multilevel Inverter Based Active Power Filter PDF
Madhukar Waware, Pramod Agarwal 1708-1716

Model of Double-Star IPM Machines with General Mutual Inductance Relationships between the Two Three-Phase Winding Sets PDF
S. Kallio, M. Andriollo, J. Karttunen, P. Peltoniemi, P. Silventoinen 1717-1727

Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator Design Solution for Large Direct-Drive Wind Turbines PDF
Y. Alexandrova, R. S. Semken, J. Pyrhönen 1728-1737

The Process of Self Excitation in Dual Three-Phase Induction Generator PDF
Marwa Ben Slimene, Med Arbi Khlifi, Mouldi Benfredj, Habib Rehaoulia 1738-1743

Performance of High-Power, High-Speed Induction Motor with Slitted-Rotor PDF
Sarika Kalra, Vineeta Agrawal 1744-1750

Finite Element Observer for Induction Machine in Electric Vehicle Power Train PDF
Mohamed Radhouan Hachicha, Moez Ghariani, Rafik Neji 1751-1758

Modeling Electric Vehicle Charging Flexibility for the Maintaining of Power Balance PDF
Antti Alahäivälä, Eero Saarijärvi, Matti Lehtonen 1759-1770

On the Choice of Three-to-Four-Phase Transformers for Four-Phase Power Transmission PDF
Davide Lauria, Giovanni Mazzanti, Stefano Quaia 1771-1779

Innovative Magnetic Field Calculation from Multiple-Circuit Twisted Three-Phase Lines PDF
Giovanni Mazzanti, Effrosyni Kandia, Marco Landini 1780-1785

Demand Response Pricing Strategies for Islanded Microgrids PDF
E. Riva Sanseverino, G. Zizzo, L. Dam Khanh 1786-1795

Novel Wavelet Transform Based Islanding Detection Algorithms PDF
H. Laaksonen 1796-1805

Optimal DG Placement and Sizing in Radial Distribution Systems Using NSGA-II for Power Loss Minimization and Voltage Stability Enhancement PDF
R. D. Mohammedi, A. Hellal, S. Arif, M. Mosbah 1806-1814

Joint Optimization between Power Sources and Transmission Expansion Planning Considering Integration of Large Scale Wind Power PDF
Jian-Ping Zhang, Hao-Zhong Cheng, Zhen-Dong Wan, Liang-Zhong Yao 1815-1822

A Novel Fault Section Location Method Based on Energy Spectrum Entropy of EMD and Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm for Small Current to Ground System PDF
Wang Xiaowei, Zhang Tao, Tian Shu 1823-1832

Stochastic Characteristics of Load Profiling in Distribution Systems Based on AMR Measurements PDF
M. Z. Degefa, M. Lehtonen 1833-1842

Particle Swarm Optimization Technique for the Coordination of Optimal Wind and Thermal Generation Dispatch PDF
K. Dhayalini, S. Sathiyamoorthy, C. Christober Asir Rajan 1843-1849

Determination of Dynamic Available Transfer Capability Using Potential Energy Boundary Surface Based Transient Energy Function PDF
A. Srinivasan, P. Venkatesh, B. Dineshkumar, N. Ramkumar 1850-1856

Distributed Generation Optimal Placement and Sizing to Enhance Power Distribution Network Performance Using MTLBO PDF
Manas Ranjan Nayak, Chinmay Nayak 1857-1869

Conducted EMI Propagation Paths in DC-AC Hard Switching Converter PDF
Piotr Musznicki 1870-1875

The High-Temperature Effect on the Breakdown Voltage of an Air-Gap at Atmospheric Pressure with Reference to Paschen Curve PDF
Mohamed F. Abdel-Fattah, Matti Lehtonen 1876-1881

Analysis of Partial Discharge Characteristics of Olive and Castor Oil as Dielectric Medium for HV Applications PDF
S. Banumathi, S. Chandrasekar 1882-1889

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