Vol 9, No 3 (2014)

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Digital Control of a Buck Converter Based on a Non-linear Switching Surface Technique PDF
Monthon Nawong, Saliltip Sinthusonthishat, Nontawat Chuladaycha 466-475

Generalized Scalar PWM Algorithm for VSI Fed Induction Motor Drives with Reduced Complexity PDF
M. Rama Prasad Reddy, B. Brahmaiah, T. Brahmananda Reddy 476-485

Generalization of a model-based controller for the n-level cascaded H-bridge multilevel converter used as a shunt active filter PDF
Roberto Carlos Martínez Montejano, R. Castillo Meraz, I. Campos-Cantón, M. F. Martínez-Montejano 486-492

MPC for Reduced Voltage Source Multicell Converter PDF
Ponnambalam Pathipooranam, Praveenkumar Medarametla, Krishnamurthy Kasilingam 493-499

Comparative Analysis of Multicarrier PWM Based Multilevel Z-Source Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drives with DTC for Different Modulation Indexes PDF
Mohamed Yousuf, S. Latha 500-505

Application of Hybrid Magnetic Bearings in Aviation Starter-Generators PDF
Vajcheslav Vavilov, Flur Ismagilov, Irek Khayrullin, Marina Gumerova 506-510

Induction Motor Controller Using Fuzzy MRAS and Backstepping Approach PDF
Abderrahmane Ouchatti, Ahmed Abbou, Mohammed Akherraz, Abderrahim Taouni 511-518

Development and Investigation of Radial Active Magnetic Bearing's Mathematical Model PDF
Anastasiia Dmitrievna Stotckaia, Nikolay Dmitrievich Polyakhov 519-526

A Control Scheme for Price-Responsive Generations and Loads in support of Frequency Control within a Decentralized Environment PDF
Young Gyu Jin, Si Young Lee, Seung Wan Kim, Yong Tae Yoon 527-537

An Improved Initial Network for Distribution Network Planning Algorithms PDF
Robert John Millar, Eero Saarijärvi, Matti Lehtonen 538-547

Inclusion of Voltage Sag Cost to Underground and Overhead Subtransmission Network Planning PDF
Bruno Jorge de Oliveira e Sousa, M. Humayun, M. I. Lehtonen 548-558

An Adaptive Control Algorithm for Maximum Power Point Tracking for Photovoltaic Energy Conversion Systems - A Comparative Study PDF
Ayman Blorfan, Guy Sturtzer, Damien Flieller, Patrice Wira, Jean Mercklé 559-565

A Connection-Oriented Network Infrastructure of Heterogeneous Metering Nodes PDF
A. Mariscotti, F. Delucchi, A. Mariscotti, C. Zieger 566-573

A New Correlation-Based Earth Fault Indication Algorithm Using Only Transient Current Measurements PDF
Mohamed F. Abdel-Fattah, Matti Lehtonen, Xu Bingyin 574-584

Analysis on Affecting Factors of Harmonic Power Flow PDF
Yongle Ai, Jianyun Zheng 585-591

Securing Passive Islanding Detection and Enabling Stable Islanding with Q/f -droop Control of DG Unit PDF
Hannu Jaakko Johannes Laaksonen 592-602

Damping of Power System Oscillations by using ANFIS based UPFC supplementary controller PDF
A. Bekri, A. Hazzab, A. Hazzab, M. Habbab, M. Habbab 603-610

Analysis of Power Quality Disturbances Using Spectrogram and S-transform PDF
Nur Hafizah Tul Huda Ahmad, A. R. Abdullah, N. A. Abidullah, M. H. Jopri 611-619

Optimal Reactive Power Dispatch of Power System using Improved Harmony Search Algorithm PDF
Karthikaikannan Dharmaraj, Ravi G. 620-628

Optimization of Distribution Network Configuration with Integration of Distributed Energy Resources Using Extended Fuzzy Multi-Objective Method PDF
Ramadoni Syahputra, Imam Robandi, Mochamad Ashari 629-639

Reliable Protective Scheme for Integrating Variable Capacity Micro Grids Using Superconducting Fault Current Limiters PDF
Gomathi Venugopal, P. B. Arun Babu 640-647

Performance Evaluation of DC Microgrid System for Residential LED Lighting Application PDF
Syarmeela Musa, A. R. Abdullah, C. K. Gan, Rizanaliah Binti Kasim, S. A. Farid, M. A. A. Hassan 648-655

A Novel Approach to Fault Diagnosis of Transmission Line with Rogowski Coil PDF
Sudha Gopal, Valluvan K. R 656-662

Optimization Steps of Lifetime Extension of El-caps in Dedicated Applications PDF
Michal Frivaldsky, P. Spanik, A. Kanovsky 663-670

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