Vol 8, No 4 (2013)

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A Virtual Power Plant with a Power Electronic Based Controller PDF
Zhe Chen, Yanting Hu 1144-1155

A New Approach for Estimation of Speed/Position of Two-Phase Induction Machine Using Virtual High Frequency Injection Method PDF
Slavomir Kascak, Branislav Dobrucky, Michal Prazenica 1156-1161

Low-Intrusive Approach for Parameters Estimation of Induction Motor Using Adaptive Optimal Design Algorithm Based on On-Site Measurements PDF
C. Chat-uthai, P. Phumiphak 1162-1169

Design of Optimized Sliding Mode Control to Improve the Dynamic Behavior of PMSG Wind Turbine with NPC Back-to-Back Converter PDF
Amir Golshani, Mohsen Alizadeh Bidgoli, S. M. Taghi Bathaee 1170-1180

A Calculation of the Magnetic Characteristics of Surface Mounted PMSMs Under Heavy Load Conditions Considering the Cross-Magnetizing Effect PDF
Damián Caballero, Iñaki Zeberio, Luis Fontán, Miguel Martínez-Iturralde 1181-1188

The Adaptive Backstepping Control of PMSM Supplied by Current Source Inverter for the Field Weakening Region PDF
Marcin Morawiec 1189-1198

RTDS Implementation of Lyapunov Controller in Feedback Linearized Induction Motor Drive PDF
Kanungo Barada Mohanty, Madhu Singh 1199-1210

A Novel Sensorless Speed Control Strategy of Induction Motor Based on Vector Control PDF
A. Sivakumar, Muthamizhan Thiyagarajan, N. O. Gunasekhar, R. Ramesh 1211-1217

Development of Safety and Dependability Aspects for Fault Tolerant Automotive Embedded System PDF
Balachandra Pattanaik, Chandrasekaran Subramaniam 1218-1230

Availability and Reliability Performance Analysis of Traction Frequency Converters - A Case Study PDF
Y. A. Mahmood, A. Ahmadi, A. K. Verma, R. Karim, U. Kumar 1231-1242

On the Possible Use of Probabilistic Techniques for Purposes of Short-Term Load Dispatching PDF
Marco Giuntoli, Davide Poli 1243-1252

Modeling and Bayes Estimation of Battery Lifetime for Smart Grids Under an Inverse Gaussian Model PDF
E. Chiodo, A. Del Pizzo, L. P. Di Noia, D. Lauria 1253-1266

Grid-Connected PV-Plants Based on a Distributed Energy-Storage System and a Multilevel Inverter PDF
Alessandro Burgio, Rosario Carbone, Rosario Morello, Anna Pinnarelli 1267-1278

Evolutionary Programming Based Hydrothermal Commitment Scheduling for Maximizing the Profit of GENCO Considering the Effect of Reserve in a Deregulated Energy Market PDF
S. Padmini, R. Jegatheesan, S. S. Dash, C. Christober Asir Rajan 1279-1286

Design and Experimental Validation of Enhancing the Performance of PV Panel Integrated with Solar Water Heating System PDF
K. Jaiganesh, K. Duraiswamy 1287-1295

Optimal Placement of UPFC for Voltage Constrained Loss Minimization Using Self-Adaptive Firefly Algorithm PDF
R. Selvarasu, M. Surya Kalavathi 1296-1301

A Cuk Converter to Improve the Ride-Through Capability of Low Power Adjustable Speed Drives for Voltage Sag and Swell PDF
V. Suresh Kumar, KR. Ramela, Ahmed F. Zobaa 1302-1310

Performance Evaluation of R-UPQC and L-UPQC Based on a Novel Voltage Imperfections Detection Algorithm PDF
B. S. Mohamed, Rosdiazli Ibrahim, K. S. Rama Rao, N. Perumal 1311-1323

Optimization of Distribution Automation in Urban Networks PDF
Osmo Siirto, Sanna Hakala, Markku Hyvärinen, Pirjo Heine, Matti Lehtonen 1324-1332

Real and Reactive Power Control in a Three Phase Unbalanced Load Supported by Solar PV Plant at Consumer End PDF
S. Vijayarajan, N. Kamaraj 1333-1340

Vanadium Redox Flow Battery Control in Flexible Microgrids PDF
Ahmad Darabi, Majid Hosseina, Hamid Reza Gholami 1341-1348

Markov Model Based Assessment for Redundancy Mitigation in High Voltage Grids Using Demand Response PDF
Muhammad Humayun, Bruno Jorge de Oliveira e Sousa, Merkebu Z. Degefa, Shahram Kazemi, Matti Lehtonen 1349-1362

Overview on Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Techniques for Photovoltaic Power Systems PDF
Md Kamal Hossain, Mohd. Hasan Ali 1363-1378

Consideration of Series Compensation in the Enhancement of Techno-Economic Worth of Higher Voltage Transmission Line Overlay PDF
Nhlanhla Mbuli, Jan-Harm Pretorius 1379-1388

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