Vol 8, No 1 (2013)

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Effective Controller Design and Circulating Current Suppression for Modular Multilevel Converters (MMCs) Using ATP-EMTP PDF
Yang Han 1-9

Real-Time Implementation of a Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Controller on an On-Line UPS System PDF
O. F. Bay, I. Atacak 10-25

Design and Development of Off-Grid Solar Photovoltaic Power System Using Matrix Converter Topology: an Experimental Study PDF
T. R. Sumithira, A. Nirmal Kumar 26-32

Experimental Evaluation of Time Harmonic Detection Methods for Shunt Active Power Filter PDF
Hamza Tedjini, Youcef Meslem, Madjid Guichiche, Ahmed Safa, Mustapha Rahli 33-38

A Vector Selection Approach Based on Control Degree of Freedom to Provide DC-Link Voltage Balancing in Diode Clamped Multilevel Inverter PDF
C. Bharatiraja, S. Jeevananthan, S. S. Dash 39-51

Bridgeless SEPIC PFC Converter with Input Current Ripple Cancellation PDF
Jae-Won Yang, Hyun-Lark Do 52-59

A Novel Study of Direct Power Control of Three-Phase Voltage Source PWM Rectifier Based on Virtual Flux PDF
Bo Fan, Jiexin Pu, Gang Liu 60-64

dSPACE Based Implementation of Multicarrier PWM Strategies for Three Phase Five Level Cascaded Inverter PDF
C. R. Balamurugan, S. P. Natarajan 65-74

Performances Comparison of Two Surface-Mounted Permanent Magnet Generators with Fractional - Slot Windings PDF
Gheorghe Madescu, Marius Biriescu, Marian Greconici, Marţian Moţ 75-80

The Effect of the Inverter Supply on Core Losses in Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Motor PDF
K. Sarrafan, M. Kashani, A. Darabi 81-88

Magnetic Field Analysis of a Novel Deflection-Type PM Multi-DOF Actuator PDF
Zheng Li 89-95

Fault Diagnosis of Induction Motors Using a Recursive Kalman Filtering Algorithm PDF
Behrouz Safarinejadian, Jafar Zarei, Abdolrahman Ramezani 96-103

Simplified Fuzzy Logic Speed Controller for Vector Controlled Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drives PDF
Zulkifilie Ibrahim, Siti Noormiza Mat Isa, Jurifa Mat Lazi, Md Hairul Nizam Talib 104-114

Parametric Nonlinear System Identification of Brushless DC Motors for Aerobot Drive PDF
Lining Tan, Hongguang Ma, Libin Lu 115-121

Development of a Test Bed for Examination of an Induction Motor with Broken Rotor Bars PDF
A. I. Canakoglu, A. G. Yetgin, M. M. Tezcan, Y. Aslan 122-127

Experimental Implementation of Direct Torque Control of Induction Machine on FPGA PDF
Soufien Gdaim, Abdellatif Mtibaa, Mohamed Faouzi Mimouni 128-135

The Control of an Induction Generator Connected to an Electrical Network by FPGA PDF
Saidi Salem, Souad Chebbi 136-143

RTDS Implementation and Induction Motor Drive Performance Comparison with P-I, Sliding Mode and Iterative Learning Controller PDF
Kanungo Barada Mohanty, Madhu Singh 144-156

Motor Flux Estimator Based on Generalized Integrator PDF
Yajun Xu, Jianguo Jiang 157-163

Rotor Poles Abnormality Detection of Wind Generator Based on ACO Combined with BPNN PDF
Chun-Yao Lee, Cheng-Chien Kuo, Tzu-Yang Lin 164-171

Permanent Magnet Motor Design Optimisation for Sensorless Control PDF
M. Caner, C. Gerada, G. Asher 172-181

PV Pumping System Characterization Using Virtual Monitoring Environment PDF
Mohamed Zahran, Yousry Atia, Ahmad H. Besheer 182-189

Wayside Ultracapacitors Storage Design for Light Transportation Systems: a Multiobjective Optimization Approach PDF
Diego Iannuzzi, Davide Lauria, Flavio Ciccarelli 190-199

A Realistic Method for Remaining Service Life Prediction of Power Transformer PDF
Yunus Biçen, Faruk Aras, Hasbi İsmailoğlu 200-206

Design and Hardware Implementation of a Versatile Photovoltaic Power Generating System PDF
Tsao-Tsung Ma, Tzung-Han Shr 207-215

Elimination of the Influence of Electromagnetic Radiation in Transformer Station Located in the Facility PDF
Hidajet Salkić, Nerdina Mehinović, Amir Softić, Nerdina Mehinović, Amir Softić 216-226

Synchrophasor Associated Adaptive Control Strategy for Under Frequency Protection and Load Shedding in Smart Grid PDF
G. W. Cai, D. Y. Yang, Y. T. Jiang 227-235

Developing Smart Grid Concepts, Architectures and Technological Demonstrations Worldwide - A Literature Survey PDF
M. Hashmi, S. Hänninen, Kari Mäki 236-251

The Lagrange Mechanization and Application of Multi-Machine Power System PDF
Ting Yin, Jie Wang 252-261

Smart Grid Intelligent Load Management Modeling and Analysis for Residential Colony Using FEDRP PDF
Muhammad Ali, Azzam ul Asar, A. Rashid, Z. A. Zaidi, M. Jawad, Arshad Mehmood, Amjad Ullah, Hazrat Ali, Usman Shahid Khan 262-276

Application of Online SVR in Very Short-Term Load Forecasting PDF
Yang Li, Xue-Ping Gu 277-283

Optimal Allocation of Wind Turbines Considering Different Costs for Interruption Aiming at Power Loss Reduction and Reliability Improvement Using Imperialistic Competitive Algorithm PDF
S. Hakimi Gilani, M. Jabbari Ghadi, H. Afrakhte 284-296

Individual Particle Optimization Algorithm for Linear Forecasting of Wind Speed PDF
Mohammad Abroshan, S. Mahdi Mousavi Sangdehi, Kamran Torabi, Masoud Goodarzi 297-304

Dynamic Modeling and Power Swing Damping Control (PSDC) of SVC Using ADPSS-Based Hardware-in-the-Loop (HID) Approach PDF
Lin Xu, Yang Han 305-313

Feasibility of Interconnected Distribution Network for the Integration of Distributed Energy Resources Using GA Approach PDF
Pushpendra Singh, D. P. Kothari, Mool Singh 314-320

An Enhanced Simulated Annealing Scheduling Approach for Smart Meter Technology PDF
Hui Miao, Xiaodi Huang, Guo Chen 321-328

Optimal Placement of SVC for Losses Reduction and Voltage Profile Improvement in Electrical Power System Using Improved Gravitational Search Algorithm PDF
A Purwoharjono, Muhammad Abdillah, Ontoseno Penangsang, Adi Soeprijanto 329-339

Robust Coordinated Control of Excitation and SVCs in Multi-Machine Power System PDF
Fang Shi, Jie Wang 340-345

Improved Robustness of Sequential Three Phase Power Flow Using Homotopic Method PDF
Mat Syai’in, Kuo Lung Lian, Tsai-Hsiang Chen 346-353

Simulated Annealing Based Passive Power Filter Design for a Medium Voltage Power System PDF
M. M. Ertay, S. Tosun, A. Zengin 354-361

A Multi Objective Framework for Solving Economic Load Dispatch Problem Including Stochastic Nature of Wind Power PDF
S. M. Mohseni-Mansur, Hamidreza Abdollahi-Mansoorkhani, Esmaeil Abedini-Duki, Abolfazl Pirayesh 362-378

Metaheuristic Method for Minimizing the Periodic Preventive Maintenance Cost in an Electrical System PDF
Zineb Otsmani, Mounir Khiat, Abdelkader Chaker 379-387

Transmission Fixed Cost Allocation Using Game Theory in Multilateral Transactions of Restructured Electricity Market PDF
M. Murali, M. Murali, P. Sridivya, M. Sailaja Kumari, M. Sydulu 388-395

Distribution Network Topology Planning Using Life Cycle Cost Driven Cost Surfaces in the Internodal Parameter Computation PDF
Eero Saarijärvi, Robert John Millar, Jussi Niskanen, Tatu Nieminen, Matti Lehtonen 396-403

DE-Acceleration Based Particle Swarm Optimizer for Short-Term Hydrothermal Scheduling PDF
Jingrui Zhang, Chaoyuan Yue, Zheng Fang 404-410

Results of the Research on Global Earthing Systems: a Contribution to the Problem of their Identification PDF
Gaetano Zizzo, Angelo Campoccia 411-421

A Comparison between Electric and Magnetic Parallel Plane Strip Transmission Lines in the Framework of a Quasi-TEM Analysis PDF
J. A. Brandão Faria 422-429

On-Line Coherency Recognition and Identification of the Reduced Order System Using Phasor Measurement Units PDF
Abdellah Shamisa, Mehdi Karrari, O. P. Malik 430-438

Gas Pressure Impact on Thermal Interruption Capability of Puffer Type SF6 Circuit Breakers PDF
Kaveh Niayesh 439-445

Experimental Research on Lightning Influence of 500kV Transmission Lines in Complex Terrains PDF
Ruochen Duan, Fenghua Wang, Chengyu Gu, Zhengcai Fu, Zhijian Jin 446-455

Measurement of Partial Discharge Using IEC60270 and Ultra High Frequency Method in GIS PDF
Jiagui Tao, Ju Tang, Xiaoxing Zhang, Mianzhi Wu 456-467

The Aging Characteristics of HTV Silicone Rubber Composite Insulators at High Altitude Areas PDF
Fangcheng Lü, Chunxu Qin, Yunpeng Liu, Ying Liang 468-472

A Study on the Extraction Method of Partial Discharge Features in Gas Insulated Switchgear Based on Ultra-High Frequency Signal Envelope PDF
Yong Qian, Juelong Li, Yuyan Man, Haifeng Ye, Gehao Sheng, Xiuchen Jiang 473-478

Nonnegative Matrix Factorization Aided Principal Component Analysis for High-Resolution Partial Discharge Image Compression in Transformers PDF
Ke Wang, Ruijin Liao, Lijun Yang, Lei Yuan, Feifei Wu, Lian Duan 479-490

UHF Partial Discharge Pattern Recognition for GIS with Support Vector Machine PDF
Ye Haifeng, Qian Yong, Si Liangqi, Sheng Gehao, Jiang Xiuchen 491-496

Research on UHF Sensor for Partial Discharge Spatial Location in Substation PDF
Ye Haifeng, Qian Yong, Sheng Gehao, Chen Jing, Bai Wanjian, Jiang Xiuchen 497-503

Investigation on Microcosmic Characteristics of Trichel Pulse in Bar-Plate DC Negative Corona Discharge Based on a Novel Simulation Model PDF
Ruijin Liao, Feifei Wu, Lijun Yang, Ke Wang, Zhi Zhou, Kanglin Liu 504-513

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