Vol 14, No 6 (2019)

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Analytical Method of Switching Angles for Harmonic Mitigation at High Levels of 3-Phase T-type Inverter PDF
Pairote Thongprasri 385-397

Experimental Investigation and Optimal Air Gap Selection for Electric Vehicles Wireless Charging System PDF
Moustapha Elwalaty, Mohamed Jemli, Hechmi Ben Azza 398-406

Power System Improvement of Different Coordinated Electric Vehicles Integration Approaches with Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage PDF
Hossam S. Salama, Sayed M. Said, István Vokony, Bálint Hartmann 407-419

Development and Real-Time Implementation of an Under Voltage Load Shedding Scheme Using a Real-Time Digital Simulator PDF
Mkhululi Elvis Siyanda Mnguni, Raynitchka Tzoneva 420-437

Dynamic Optimal Power Flow Incorporating Gas Turbine Generator Unit with Compressed Natural Gas Systems PDF
Rony Seto Wibowo, Aris Ramdani, Annisaa Taradini, Dedet C. Riawan, Adi Soeprijanto, Ontoseno Penangsang 438-446

Effects of Line Length, Fault Resistance and DC Filters on HVDC Line Protection Based on Signum Function of Transient Energy PDF
Soma Deb, H. K. Verma 447-452

An Application of Energy Storage to Mitigate Power System Frequency Deviation Due to PV Power Fluctuation PDF
Chamnan Limsakul, Anawach Sangswang, Roongrojana Songprakorp 453-464

Online Dynamic Assessment of System Stability in Power Systems Using the Unscented Kalman Filter PDF
Ricardo Moreno-Chuquen, Oscar Florez-Cediel 465-472

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