Vol 14, No 4 (2019)

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Modeling, Analysis and Implementation of an Urban Electric Light-Rail Train Hydrogen Powered PDF
Fabrizio Ciancetta, Antonio Ometto, Gino D’Ovidio, Carlo Masciovecchio 237-245

Impact of Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage Unit on Doubly Fed Induction Generator Performance During Various Levels of Grid Faults PDF
A. M. Shiddiq Yunus, Makmur Saini, Muhammad Ruswandi Djalal, Ahmed Abu-Siada, Mohammad A. S. Masoum 246-255

Planning of Capacity Additions for Voltage Drop Limited Primary Distribution Systems PDF
Nabil Abdel-Karim, Semaan W. Georges, Fouad H. Slaoui 256-262

Loss Reduction Concept Review and Its Comparison for Various Transmission Lines PDF
Naymah S. Adnan, Viranjay M. Srivastava 263-271

Reduction of Fluctuation of Wind Turbines’ Output Power by Modeling and Control PDF
Ahmad B. Ahmad, Omar R. Mohamed 272-283

Single Feed Dual Polarized Patch Antennas for Ultra-Wideband Applications PDF
Pradeep Kumar 284-290

Optimization and Integration of RFID Navigation System by Using Different Location Algorithms PDF
Ali Najdet Nasret, Zuhair Shakor Mahmood 291-301

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