Vol 13, No 6 (2018)

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Open Loop Control of Voltage Across a Three-Phase Resistive Load Fed by Two Level Inverters Controlled by DSP-TMS320F2812 PDF
Soukaina El Daoudi, Loubna Lazrak, Chirine Benzazah, Mustapha Ait Lafkih 440-451

Multidisciplinary Design of Electrical Motors for Fuel Pumps of Perspective Aircrafts by Using Genetic Algorithms PDF
Flyur R. Ismagilov, Viacheslav Ye. Vavilov, Igor V. Zarembo, Aibulat H. Miniyarov, Valentina V. Ayguzina 452-460

A Comprehensive Review of Field-Oriented Control in Sensorless Control Techniques for Electric Vehicle PDF
Muhamad Syazmie Sepeeh, Shamsul Aizam Zulkifli, S. Yi Sim, E. Pathan 461-475

A Novel Identification of High Neutral to Earth Voltage (NTEV) Faults on Power Distribution Systems PDF
Mohd Abdul Talib Mat Yusoh, Ahmad Farid Abidin, Zuhaila Mat Yasin, Turgay Yalcin 476-485

Transient Stability Improvement Using Coordinated Control of Solar PVs and Solid State Transformers PDF
Panya Khemmook, Surin Khomfoi 486-494

A Review of the Effect of AC/DC Interference on Corrosion and Cathodic Protection Potentials of Pipelines PDF
Kazeem Bolade Adedeji, Akinlolu A. Ponnle, Bolanle T. Abe, Adisa A. Jimoh, Adnan M. Abu-Mahfouz, Yskandar Hamam 495-508

Proposed Magnetic Integration Techniques for Two-Stage High Power Factor Dimmable Electronic Ballasts PDF
Vuttipon Tarateeraseth 509-516

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