Vol 11, No 5 (2016)

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Torque Analysis of Tooth-Coil Wound Permanent Magnet Machines with Embedded Magnets Considering Cross Saturation PDF
Juho Montonen, Janne Nerg, Juha Pyrhönen 449-456

A Methodologic Approach to Evaluate Service Dependability of a High-Speed Railway Line PDF
Regina Lamedica, Alberto Geri, Fabio Massimo Gatta, Marco Maccioni, Stefano Lauria, Alessandro Ruvio 457-466

A Robust Control for Damping Electromechanical Oscillations Modelling Additive Uncertainties in Power Systems PDF
Jose David Herrera, Mario Alberto Rios 467-476

Toward an Intelligent High Frequency AC Distributed Power System - Part I: Conceptual Design PDF
Patrick C. K. Luk, Tareq Sadeq El-Hasan 477-485

Energy Supply Management Using the Solar Energy Prediction in Smart Grid PDF
Abdelilah Kahaji, Rachid Alaoui, Sadik Farhat, Lahoussine Bouhouch 486-495

Load Shedding in Power Systems Based on a Fuzzy Logic Decision and Sensibility of Stability Prediction and Fast Voltage Indices PDF
Leandro Reyes-Jordan, Mario Alberto Rios 496-505

Advantages of Dual Hyperbolic Tangent Function Over Single Hyperbolic Tangent Function in Description of Hysteresis Loops PDF
Tomislav Barić, Vedran Boras, Hrvoje Glavaš 506-516

3D-FDTD Computation of Lightning Return Stroke Current and Associated Electromagnetic Field Using Electromagnetic Models PDF
Kaddour Arzag, Zin-Eddine Azzouz, Boualem Ghemri 517-525

Study of the Electromagnetic Interference Generated by Wireless Power Transfer Systems PDF
Elena N. Baikova, Stanimir S. Valtchev, Rui Melicio, Anastasia Krusteva, Victor Fernão Pires 526-534

A New Method for Load Flow Solution of Electric Power Distribution System PDF
Rudy Gianto, Kho Hie Khwee 535-541

Improving Disturbance Management with Combined Electricity and Mobile Network Situation Awareness System PDF
Heidi Krohns-Välimäki, Joonas Säe, Jussi Haapanen, Pekka Verho, Jukka Lempiäinen 542-553

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