Vol 10, No 5 (2015)

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A High Power Factor Bridgeless Flyback PFC Converter with Synchronous Rectifier PDF
Se-Jin Kim, Tae-Sung Song, Hyun-Lark Do 569-577

The Enhanced – DQF Algorithm and Optimal Controller Design for Shunt Active Power Filter PDF
Phonsit Santiprapan, Kongpol Areerak, Kongpan Areerak 578-590

Output Power Control of a Switched Reluctance Generator Based on Flywheel Energy Storage System PDF
P. Thongprasri 591-598

Heat Gains, Heating and Cooling in Nordic Housing with Electrical Space Heating PDF
Cristina E. Molina, Matti Lehtonen, Merkebu Degefa 599-606

Robust Estimates for Validation Performance Indexes of Electric Network Models PDF
Jacopo Bongiorno, Andrea Mariscotti 607-615

Evaluation of Lightning Overvoltage Protection Schemes for Pole-Mounted Distribution Transformers PDF
Farhan Mahmood, Mohammad E. M. Rizk, Matti Lehtonen 616-624

Flashover Probability Distribution and Volt-Time Curves of Medium Voltage Overhead Line Insulation Under Combined AC and Lightning Impulse Voltages PDF
Farhan Mahmood, Mohammad E. M. Rizk, N. A. Sabiha, Matti Lehtonen 625-632

Development of Micro-Grid in Sub-Saharan Africa: an Overview PDF
Priye Kenneth Ainah, Komla Agbenyo Folly 633-645

Maintenance Planning for Electricity Distribution Networks Using Reliability Indices PDF
Abbas Barabadi, Mostfa Aliyari 646-652

Optimal Energy Control of a Grid-Connected Solar Wind-Based Electric Power Plant Applying Time-of-Use Tariffs PDF
Mukwanga W. Siti, R. Tiako 653-661

Fault Current Characteristics in Distribution Network Interconnected with DFIG PDF
Pejman Peidaee, Akhtar Kalam, Juan Shi, Paulo Jimenez 662-669

Fuzzy Logic Voltage Regulator for Improving Transient Stability and Fault Ride Through Capability of DFIG Wind Turbines PDF
Sillawat Romphochai, Komsan Hongesombut 670-677

Thermal Modeling of a Hybrid Excitation Synchronous Generator with Alternated Current Linkages for Stand-Alone Power Supply PDF
Yulia Alexandrova, Katteden Kamiev, Valeriy Zaboin, Juha Pyrhönen 678-686

Suitable Use of Nanostructures in the Treatment of Tumors by the Radiofrequency Ablation Method PDF
Martina Novakova, Jan Vrba, Kateřina Piksová 687-693

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