Vol 10, No 4 (2015)

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The Analysis of SCR-Based ESD Protection Circuit with P-Drift and N+ Floating Region PDF
Jae Chang Kwak 458-462

Soft-Switching Step-Up Converter with Small Output Current Ripple PDF
Se-Jin Kim, Hyun-Lark Do 463-470

The Mathematical Model of Generator Excited by Permanent Magnets with Stator and Rotor Nonmagnetic Shields PDF
Flur Ismagilov, Irek Khairullin, Vajcheslav Vavilov, Oksana Yushkova 471-476

Development of DTC for Induction Motor Fed with Multilevel Inverter & Improved PWM Control Strategy to Maximise Energy Efficiency in EV/HEV/FCV PDF
Sushil S. Ramdasi, A. Senthil Kumar, S. S. Thipse, N. V. Marathe 477-491

Optimization of Mover Acceleration in DC Tubular Linear Direct-Drive Machine Using Response Surface Method PDF
Mojtaba Ghodsi 492-500

Extreme Learning Machines and Particle Swarm Optimization for Induction Motor Faults Detection and Classification PDF
Smail Bazi, M. S. Nait Said 501-509

Protection Scheme for Island Operated Medium-Voltage Microgrid PDF
Hannu Laaksonen 510-519

Characteristic Function of Fundamental and Harmonic Active Power in Digital Measurements Under Nonsinusoidal Conditions PDF
Diego Bellan 520-527

A Simple and Precise Method to Assess the Switching Overvoltages in EHV Insulated Cables PDF
Roberto Benato, Sebastian Dambone Sessa, Davide Pietribiasi 528-536

Validation of Methods for PV Module Characterization PDF
Igor Petrović, Ivana Šegrt, Zoran Vrhovski 537-543

Dual Function of Unified Adaptive Linear Neurons Based Fundamental Component Extraction Algorithm for Shunt Active Power Filter Operation PDF
Nor Farahaida Abdul Rahman, Mohd Amran Mohd Radzi, Azura Che Soh, Norman Mariun, Nasrudin Abd Rahim 544-552

Hardware Implementation of Voltage Control for Self Excited Induction Generator Used in Small Power Generation PDF
Mohamed Barara, Adiuku Chimezie, Naji Al Sayari, Abdul Rahiman Beig, Khalifa Hasan Al Hosani, Ahmed Abbou, Mohamed Akherraz 553-560

Algorithm for Cepstral Analysis and Homomorphic Filtering for Glottal Feature Estimation in Speech Signals PDF
Leonardo A. Gongora, Diego A. Rojas, Olga Lucia Ramos 561-568

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