Vol 9, No 2 (2014)

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Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control for Parallel DC-DC Boost Converter PDF
A. Sahbani, K. Ben Saad, M. Benrejeb 249-254

A Modified Asymmetrical Self-Oscillating DC/DC Half Bridge Converter PDF
Hamed Belloumi, Férid Kourda 255-261

Performance Analysis of a Controller for Doubly-Fed Induction Generators Based Wind Turbines Against Parameter Variations PDF
Maimaitireyimu Abulizi, Ling Peng, Bruno Francois, Yongdong Li 262-269

Speed Estimation by Using EKF Techniques for Sensor-Less DTC of PMSM with Load Torque Observer PDF
M. Moujahed, H. Ben Azza, M. Jemli, M. Boussak 270-279

Faults Detection of Nonlinear NCS Subject to Times Delays Using Multi-Model Approach: Application to Induction Motor PDF
Ben Mabrouk Zaineb, Abid Aicha, Ben Hamed Mouna, Lassaâd Sbita 280-289

A Fuzzy Controlled Scheme for an Isolated Hybrid MPPT-Photovoltaic Diesel-PMSG System PDF
Noureddine Hidouri 290-299

Improved Adaptive Flux Observer of an Induction Motor with Fast Lyapunov Optimization Method PDF
Tarek Benmiloud 300-306

PV Powered Fuzzy Based Direct Torque Controlled Induction Motor without AC Phase Current Sensors PDF
T. Muthamizhan, R. Ramesh 307-314

High Performance Sensorless DTC-CSI Fed Induction Motor Drives for Low Speed Operation with Minimum Ripple Torque PDF
Selvam N. Panneer, V. Rajasekaran, M. Arulprasanna, I. Gerald Christopher Raj 315-321

Analysis and Experimental Setup of a Switched Reluctance Generator for Maximum Output Power PDF
P. Thongprasri, S. Kittiratsatcha 322-331

Optimal Sizing of Hybrid Supply for Electric Vehicle Using Li-ion Battery and Supercapacitor PDF
R. Sadoun, N. Rizoug, P. Bartholomeus, P. Le Moigne 332-340

A Feasibility Study of Fast Charging Infrastructure for EVs on Highways PDF
Farhan H. Malik, Matti Lehtonen, Eero Saarijärvi, Amir Safdarian 341-350

Optimal sizing of DGs for a CHP-Based Agro-Industrial Microgrid with a Priority Criteria Operational Strategy PDF
G. Brusco, A. Burgio, D. Menniti, A. Pinnarelli, N. Sorrentino 351-362

Influence of Major Disturbances in Electricity Supply on the Operating Environment of Distribution System Operators: a Case Study PDF
J. Strandén, H. Krohns-Välimäki, P. Verho, J. Sarsama, V. Hälvä 363-372

Application of the Co-Evolutionary Algorithm with Memory at the Population Level for Optimisation of the Operation of Real Electric Power Distribution Networks PDF
Sylwester Filipiak, Jan Stępień 373-381

AC-DC Optimal Power Flow Incorporating Shunt FACTS Devices Using HVDC Model and Particle Swarm Optimization Method PDF
N. Mezhoud, S. Leulmi, A. Boukadoum 382-392

Contribution to the Improvement of the MPPT Control Functioning of Photovoltaic Systems PDF
M. Melhaoui, E. Baghaz, K. Hirech, F. Yaden, Khalil KASSMI 393-400

Estimation of Power Distribution Reliability Indices Based on Limited Maintenance Data PDF
Mostafa Aliyari, Mostafa Sharifi, Barabadi Abbas 401-406

Optimal Allocation of Multi-Type FACTS Devices for Loadability Improvement in the Power System Using Evolutionary Computation Techniques PDF
R. Medeswaran, N. Kamaraj 407-413

Performance Investigation of Active Power Filter Under Non-Linear Loads Variation PDF
Zulkifilie Ibrahim, Ahmad Shukri Abu Hasim, Md Hairul Nizam Talib, Raihana Mustafa 414-419

Design of a Hybrid Diesel/PV/Wind/Battery System in Remote Areas PDF
Chin Kim Gan, Wirun A/l Prayun, Chee Wei Tan, Meysam Shamshiri 420-430

Application of Classical Controllers in the Doubly Fed Induction Generator based Wind Energy Conversion System using System Identification Approach PDF
M. Vijaya, N. Shanumga Vadivoo 431-439

Cross-Correlation Method for Power Arcing Source Monitoring System PDF
Frank Zoko Ble, Matti Lehtonen, Ari Sihvola, Charles Kim 440-452

A New Two Points Method for Identify Dominant Harmonic Disturbance Using Frequency and Phase Spectrogram PDF
M. H. Jopri, N. A. Abidullah, Goh Zai Peng, A. R. Abdullah 453-459

Relationship between the Fractal Dimension of Creeping Discharges Propagating at Solid/Gas Interfaces and the Characteristics Parameters of Interfaces PDF
A. Beroual, M-L. Coulibaly, A. Girodet, O. Aitken 460-465

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