Vol 10, No 2 (2015)

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Harmonic Distribution in Finite State Model Predictive Control PDF
Manuel R. Arahal, Federico Barrero, Mario J. Durán, Cristina Martín 172-179

A Simple Generalized PWM Algorithm for Three Phase Voltage Source Inverter Fed AC Drives PDF
P. Rama Mohan, T. Brahmananda Reddy, M. Vijaya Kumar 180-188

New MCPWM Strategy for a CHBMLI with Induction Motor Load PDF
R. Geetha, M. Ramaswamy 189-196

Implementation of Power Operational Amplifier with Source-Sink Output Stage PDF
Pavel Brandstetter, Radek Majer, Radek Sulak 197-204

A Novel BIST Circuit for Testing and Analysis Parametric Faults in PLL PDF
Intissar Toihria, Rim Ayadi, Mohamed Masmoudi 205-213

Comparison of Electric Vehicles Charging Strategies and Their Impact on Network Capacity PDF
Farhan Hameed Malik, Matti Lehtonen 214-220

Sensitivity and Viability Analyses of Overhead and Underground Meshed Subtransmission Networks PDF
Bruno de Oliveira e Sousa, Atte Pihkala, Matti Lehtonen 221-232

A Novel Sensorless MPPT for Wind Turbine Generators Using Very Sparse Matrix Converter Based on Hybrid Intelligent Control PDF
Muldi Yuhendri, Mochamad Ashari, Mauridhi Hery Purnomo 233-243

Relation of Influential Parameters to Back-Flashover on the Insulators in Transmission Tower PDF
Sulee Bunjongjit, Atthapol Ngaopitakkul 244-256

Micropower Clock Generator Circuit Using an Optimized Band-Gap Reference for Energy Harvesting Charge Pumps PDF
Rahma Aloulou, P-O. Lucas de Peslouan, J. Armand, Hassene Mnif, Frederic Alicalapa, Mourad Loulou, Jean Daniel Lan Sun Luk 257-265

Power Quality Enhancement of Grid Connected Doubly-Fed Induction Generator Using Sliding Mode Control PDF
Riyadh Rouabhi, Rachid Abdessemed, Aissa Chouder, Ali Djerioui 266-276

Optimal Battery Energy Storage Size Using Particle Swarm Optimization for Microgrid System PDF
Thongchart Kerdphol, Y. Qudaih, Y. Mitani 277-285

Comparison between Harmony Search Algorithm, Genetic Algorithm and Particle Swarm Optimization in Economic Power Dispatch PDF
Oscar Andrew Zongo, Anant Oonsivilai 286-292

Performance Improvement of Radial Distribution Network with Distributed Generation Integration Using Extended Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm PDF
Ramadoni Syahputra, Imam Robandi, Mochamad Ashari 293-304

PSO Embedded Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for Optimal Shunt Capacitor Allocation and Sizing in Radial Distribution Networks with Voltage Dependent Load Models PDF
K. Muthukumar, S. Jayalalitha, M. Ramaswamy 305-320

Frequency Characteristics Analysis of Transient Earth Voltages Aroused by Partial Discharge in Switchgears PDF
Yong Qian, Xiaoxin Chen, Yongpeng Xu, Peng Kong, Lin Wang, Zhen Li, Gehao Sheng, Xiuchen Jiang 321-328

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