Vol 9, No 6 (2014)

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Second-Order Sliding Mode Control of a Smart Inverter for Renewable Energy System PDF
Santolo Meo, Vincenzo Sorrentino, Alireza Zohoori, Abolfazl Vahedi 1090-1096

Design and Implementation of a Multilevel Inverter Fed by Photovoltaic Generators with MPPT PDF
M. Zegrar, Fatima Zohra Zerhouni, Abdelhamid Midoun 1097-1102

Modeling and Implementation of MTPA Control Strategy for SynRM Variable Speed Drives PDF
Diogo Melo Bento de Matos, Jorge Oliveira Estima, Khaled Yahia, António João Marques Cardoso 1103-1110

The Genetic Algorithm for an Electromagnetic Parameters Estimation of an Induction Motor Secondary Multi-Loop Equivalent Circuit PDF
Grzegorz Utrata, Jaroslaw Rolek, Andrzej Kaplon 1111-1118

Application of Advanced Numerical Modelling to Analysis of Transformer Operation and Design Optimization PDF
Krzysztof Kasza, Lukasz Matysiak, Robert Platek 1119-1127

Detection and Localization of Arcing Fault Radiated Electromagnetic Using Antennas and Wavelet Analysis PDF
Frank Zoko Ble, G. Amjad Hussain, Matti Lehtonen, Charles Kim 1128-1135

Arcing Faults Localization Using RF-Signal Angle of Arrival Method PDF
Frank Zoko Ble, Matti Lehtonen, Charles Kim 1136-1147

Consideration of Extreme Wind Geographical Correlation Scenarios in Reliability Assessment Studies Using Sequential Monte Carlo Simulations PDF
Francois Vallee, J-F. Toubeau, Z. De Grève, J. Lobry 1148-1153

Collaborative Demand Response Optimization of Electric Vehicles and Storage Space Heating for Residential Peak Shaving PDF PDF
Farhan Hameed Malik, Ali Mubbashir, Matti Lehtonen 1154-1161

Enhanced Multi-Criteria-Based Passive Islanding Detection Scheme PDF
Hannu Jaakko Johannes Laaksonen 1162-1170

Comparison of Diverse Methods of Identifying the Parameters of Various Models of Solar Cells for Three Technologies Types PDF
B. Bouachrine, M. Kourchi, M. Ajaamoum, R. Alaoui, A. Ihlal, L. Bouhouch 1171-1179

An Object-Oriented Programming Approach to Security-Constrained Unit Commitment Problem PDF
Ridha Djamel Mohammedi, Abdelhafid Hellal, Salem Arif 1180-1189

Enhanced Linear Exponential Smoothing Technique with Minimum Energy Storage Capacity for PV Distributed Generations PDF
Peerapon Chanhom, Siriroj Sirisukprasert, Natchpong Hatti 1190-1196

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