Vol 17, No 2 (2022)

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IGDT-Based Realistic Scheduling of Thermal Power Generators Under Integration of Wind Turbine Generators
Aung Myo Win, Hajime Myiauchi

Data Compressive Dictionary Matching Based Optimization Approach for Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring
Rehan Liaqat, Intisar Ali Sajjad

Demand-Side Management Through Load Control and Local Generation in a Medical Education Facility: a Case Study
Andres Duque Montenegro, Javier Rosero Garcia, Ernesto Pérez González

Comparison of Radial and Zonal DC Distribution System for Hybrid-Powered Trimaran Vessels Power Flow Analysis
Indra Ranu Kusuma, Semin Semin, Muhammad Badrus Zaman, Sardono Sarwito, Kamarul Hawari Ghazali

Evaluation of the Energy Transaction Cost for Microgrid-Based Wheeling System Using Power Flow Tracing: a Case Study
Rezi Delfianti, Eki Rovianto, Avian Lukman Setya Budi, Ardyono Priyadi, Imam Abadi, Adi Soeprijanto

Review on Solutions to Acoustic Noise Problems in Switched Reluctance Motor Using Radial Force Improvement with Two Stage Commutation for EV Applications
Veena Wilson, P.G. Latha

Study of the Operating State of a Synchronous Motor Electric Drive by Means of Changes Estimation of the Stator Current Behavior
Marinka Baghdasaryan, Azatuhi Ulikyan

Development of Multi-Coiled Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer for Electric Vehicle
Chan Anyapo, Nithiphat Teerakawanich, Chowarit Mitsantisuk

Programmable the Negative Feedback of Charge Amplifier for Control Piezoelectric Sensors
Muhaned Zaidi

A Study of Symbolic Analysis of Electrical Circuits on the Example of a Radio Frequency Filter
Viliam Ďuriš, Valery G. Zakharov, Sergey G. Chumarov

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