Vol 19, No 1 (2024)

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An Improved Three-Level Full-Bridge Soft-Switching DC/DC Converter with Wide Load Range for Energy Storage System
Narongrit Sanajit, Anuwat Jangwanitlert

Multi-Objective Cascaded Control Strategy for Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Energy Conversion System Using a Five-Level ANPC Inverter
Younes El Khlifi, Abdelmounime El Magri, Rachid Lajouad, Adil Mansouri

Efficiency Improvement of PM Synchronous Wind Generator Using Field Oriented Control with Model-base Current Observer
Ahmed I. Jaber, Ali Sachit Kaittan, Mohammed W. Abdulwahhab, Dmitry V. Samokhvalov

Optimum Overcurrent Relay Coordination in Scaled-down IEEE 5-bus System for Changing Network Configuration
Anu Kuriakose, S. Balamurugan

Experimental Characterization of Reference Currents for Harmonic Compensation: Case of the TLC Hybrid Filter
Luc Vivien Assiene Mouodo, Abdel-Hamid Mahamat Ali, Jean Gaston Tamba, Thierry Sosso Mayi Olivier

Design of an Algorithm for Tree Detection and Localization Using CNN Convolutional Neural Networks
Harold David Zarate Tellez, Dario Amaya Hurtado, Olga Lucia Ramos Sandoval

Parametric Study of a Hybrid Mathematical Model of an Electromagnetic Systems with a Magnetorheological Fluid
Areg Khachik Grigoryan, Armine Gevorg Avetisyan, Tatevik Razmik Melkonyan

Arduino based Automatic Waste Segregation and Composite System
K. Sohel Rana, Shaik Mohammad Rafee, Kommalapati Rajesh, M. V. S. S. Nagendranth, T. Venkatakrishnamoorthy, M. Dharani

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