Vol 17, No 4 (2022)

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Power Arcing Fault Detection and Location Algorithm Solution in Two and Three Dimensions Euclidean Planes Using an Analytic Geometry Method Instead of an Iterative or Numerical Method
Frank Tre Ore, Matti Lehtonen

Energy Management System Based on Cost Optimization of Battery Aging and Hydrogen Consumption in a Microgrid
Sarah Kassir, Moustapha Doumiati, Mohamed Machmoum, Clovis Francis, Maher El Rafei

Follow-Up Model to Evaluate Failure Factors of Single-Phase Distribution Transformers in High Environmental Pollution Zones
Jorge Iván Silva Ortega, Yeimi Holguin-Torres, Andres Fernández-Flórez, John Edwin Candelo-Becerra, Karen Villacob-Pineda

Performance Comparison of Different Approaches for State Estimation Using RTU and Phasor Measurements
Nirali Rathod, Hiren H. Patel, Sanjay R. Joshi

Economic-Environmental Study on Hybrid System of Photovoltaic, Wind, Diesel, Biomass for Off-Grid Rural Electrification in Sebesi Island, Indonesia
Syamsyarief Baqaruzi, Ali Muhtar, Purwono Prasetyawan, Sabhan Kanata, Toto Winata

Design of A Novel Multiphase Interleaved Boost Converter with Split Inductance and Bypass Capacitance
Beauty Anggraheny Ikawanty, Mochamad Ashari, Heri Suryoatmojo, Taufik Taufik

Investigation of Energy Conversion Loop of SRGs in High-Speed Operation Using Simplified Mathematical Model
Pairote Thongprasri

Torque/Speed Control of 3PH Synchronous Reluctance Motor Using Direct Torque Control
Sayed Osman Madbouly

Effect of Eddy Current Loss on the Performance of Wind Turbine Induction Generator
Ali Dalabeeh

Energy-Efficient 2x4 and 3x8 QCA-Based Decoder Designs
Ziyad Altarawneh

Nanocomposites Use for the Creation of a Nanocomposite Fuel Cell Membrane in Advanced Hydrogen Technology
Sergey Gaidar, Varvara Druzyanova, Natalya Kuzina

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