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Automated Controlled Chamber for Measuring Plant Growth

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This paper presents a plant growth chamber that gives agriculture researchers the ability to monitor and control many specialized parameters, measure plant growth rate and set optimum conditions. A climate chamber is insufficient for modern agriculture research because it controls only air temperature and air relative humidity. An agriculture researcher needs to measure and control many parameters of the air, the light and the soil, during a long period. In this work, a low budget system is presented that measures and logs the parameter values. Additionally, an automated system can be used to maintain the parameter values in the researcher’s defined areas. Some parameter measurements, like soil moisture, can be calibrated for specific soil types. A 24-hour light schedule can be set to simulate the day-light time duration of winter or summer. Additionally, describes an automated system for measuring plant growth and Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD) in a controlled environment. The system uses a web camera and a vision measurement application to measure plant height, with the height rate recorded every day. By monitoring VPD and adjusting environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, and air flow, the researcher can optimize plant growth and improve yield.
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Air Relative Humidity; Plant Growth Chamber; Soil Moisture Measurement; Soil Sensor; Soil Temperature; Vapor Pressure Deficit; Plant Growth Measurement; Vision Measurement

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