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DSP in the Loop Implementation of an Enhanced Sliding Mode Control for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

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This paper deals with the design and Processor In the Loop implementation of an enhanced sliding mode control of three-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor. Studied control strategy is based on a state model expressed in the rotor reference. This work proposes new smooth functions replacing sign functions to reduce chattering phenomenon and integrates a simplified references calculation to reduce current module. It focuses on the study of these proposed techniques and their effect on motor waveforms. For code generation of the control algorithm, implementation, and validation by Processor In the Loop technique, a co-simulation platform based on Matlab/Simulink integrating Code Composer Studio and the development board LAUNCHXL-F28069M from Texas instruments have been created. The obtained results show that the proposed strategy reduces chattering by using a simple algorithm.
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Sliding Mode Control; Smooth Functions; Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor; Processor in the Loop; Space Vector Modulation

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