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Alternating and Direct Electrical Leakage Sensor

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Electrical energy plays an important role in human life from the past to the future. However, electricity can cause fatal injuries. The electric shock is commonly one of the electrical accidents, and it is caused by current passing a human body through ground. To the best of authors’ knowledge, there is no specific sensor for detecting leakage electricity in both alternating and direct electrical systems. Therefore, this research proposes an alternating and direct electrical leakage sensor. This sensor consists of 3 circuits: a rectifier circuit, a comparator circuit, and a notification circuit. The sensor has been designed to resist the maximum voltage at 339.41 V. It can detect the minimum alternative voltage around 16.7 - 37.3 V and the minimum direct voltage around 12.44 - 12.96 V. When the sensor detects the electrical leakage, it yields the Light Emitting Diode (LED) notification and output direct voltage around 2.96 - 3.54 V which can be applied to a general microcontroller.
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Sensor; Detection; Electrical Leakage

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