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A New Approach for the Design of Frequency Reconfigurable Antenna for Cognitive Radio Applications

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In this paper, the fundamental principles of UWB and CRS technologies have been presented, and the approach of these systems in recent research focuses on the efficient use of RF resources. UWB systems are an alternative with great scientific support for identifying spectral gaps and allocating RF dynamics in the CRS. Microstrip planar antennas for UWB and CRS systems have been mentioned as practical alternatives for implementing the radio interfaces of these complex systems, as will be proposed in this work. The need for the most efficient use of available spectral resources is the starting point for understanding the growing interest in emerging mobile communications systems. The coexistence of several wireless systems in a limited frequency band and the increasing demand for applications that require high transmission rates have needed new strategies for managing and allocating RF resources. In this sense, UWB and CRS technologies have been presented as promising improvements in the use of radiofrequency resources. This paper presents the fundamental principles of UWB and CRS technologies, emphasizing microstrip planar antennas, whose application has been successfully proven in recent research over the last few decades, as will be exposed in this work.
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Antenna Design; Cognitive Radio; CRS; Noise; UWB

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