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Study of the Current Harmonics Generated by Two-Phase Loads on HV Transmission Power Grid: a Case Study of a Substation Supplying the High-Speed Rail

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This paper presents a study of the impact of connecting two-phase loads on High Voltage (HV) transmission networks. The case study chosen for this purpose is the connection of the substation supplying the High-Speed Rail (HSR). The power supply of this type of train is ensured by a two-phase system, which can affect the quality of the electrical energy by the appearance of disturbances, such as harmonics, unbalances, and flickers. Two 225-kV lines supply the HSR of Morocco. In this paper, the power quality recordings of SICAM Q80 installed in one of the substations supplying the Moroccan HSR are exposed and analyzed. The objective of this article is to study and understand the connection mode of two-phase loads and their impact on the transmission network in terms of power quality, as well as the disturbances due to the power supply network and those generated by the railway installation.
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HSR; High-Speed Rail; Transmission Network; Power Quality; EN 50160; SICAM Q80; Harmonics

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