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Grid Integration Issues and Possible Solutions Considering the Expansion and Deployment of Hydropower Plants in Albania

Marialis Çelo(1*), R. Bualoti(2)

(1) Electric Power System Department, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Polytechnic University of Tirana, Albania
(2) Electric Power System Department, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Polytechnic University of Tirana, Albania
(*) Corresponding author



The Albanian Power System is a meshed network with a vertical profile and the current installed capacity of the country is around 1900 MW. The major part of hydro generation facilities is concentrated in the Northern part of the country, comprised of a total of 1403 MW of the installed capacity in the Drin River Cascade, the load is concentrated more in the center and in the southern part of the country leading to a physical flow direction from the northern part to the southern one. The Transmission Network has the following voltage levels: 400 kV, 220 kV, 154 kV and 110 kV and is well interconnected with other neighbour's countries. Albania is an importing country, vulnerable to the hydrologic condition and the deterministic indexes such as dry and wet year. The changes on the legislation framework for the power sector and the public and private investments done during the last decade on generation, transmission and distribution system have changed drastically the situation of the power supply. The penetration of small and medium size private hydropower plants on the system, mainly run of river types, distributed as well in the 110 kV network, has led to a less dependency from the imports. In this paper, the result of a study in respect of the impact in the network operation of the small and medium size HPPs connected to 110 kV grid has been discussed, with the proposed solution.
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Albanian Power System; Contingencies; Reliability Transmission Network Operation

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M. Çelo, E. Zeqo, A. Ibrahimi, R. Bualoti The Impact of Small HPP’s in the Energy Balance of Albanian Power System, Renewable Energy&Power Quality Journal, RE&PQJ, No.11, March 2013, ISSN:2172-038X..

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