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Design and Implementation of Biquad Filters Using CMOS Circuit Based Active Elements

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This paper mainly concentrates on a new kind of CMOS implementation based on Current Differencing Current Conveyer (CD-CC). The grate CMOS circuit effort is fulfilled by introducing a new kind of biquad filter. The proposed filter employs two CD-CC circuits and four passive elements. The filter is designed depending on Multi Input Single Output (MISO) configuration and realizes all filter functions identified by current mode (Low pass, Band pass, High pass, Band Stop, and all Pass) filter. In addition, the behavior of the proposed filter circuit has been tested and simulated then it results in sound outcomes. This test has been achieved by using the current mode application example, which consists of two (CDCCs) and four passive elements with multi- inputs and a single output. Finally, the filters are simulated using TSMC 0.35 μm technology. Moreover, the theoretical analyses agree with PSPICE simulation results.
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All Pass; Band Stop; CMOS Circuits; Current Differencing Current Conveyer; High Pass; Low Pass; Multi Inputs Single Output Filters; PSPICE Simulator

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