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Three-Phase EMI Filter Designs for Three-Phase Induction Motor Drives

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In this paper, a three-phase EMI filter design procedure for a three-phase inductor motor drive system is proposed. With the proposed design procedure, an unnecessary differential-mode (DM) choke can be eliminated. In order to verify the effectiveness of the proposed approach, three-phase EMI filters have been designed using the proposed design procedure and other well-known procedures. The total noise, the common-mode (CM) noise and the DM noise have been measured and compared. From the experimental result, it can be concluded that with the proposed design procedure comparing with other approaches, an unnecessary DM choke can be eliminated, and the size of the used X-capacitor can be minimized. Thus, with the proposed method, fewer filter components and lower the cost of designed three-phase EMI filters are achieved.
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Conducted EMI; EMC; EMI filters; Induction Motor Drives

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