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Effective Predictive Flux Control for a Five Phase Induction Motor Drive with Inverter Output Filter

Mahmoud A. Mossa(1*)

(1) Electrical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Minia University, Egypt
(*) Corresponding author



This paper is concerned with presenting an effective model predictive flux control (MP FC) for a five phase induction motor (IM) drive. The proposed control approach is considered as an effective alternative to the model predictive direct torque control (MP DTC) with the advantage of reducing the ripples content in the calculated values of torque, flux and current. The derivation of the proposed MP FC is described in a systematic manner within which the formulation of used cost function is explained; this formulation has the advantage of not using a weighting factor that is usually utilized by MP DTC, and thus there is no need for tuning the weighting factor which saves the computational time and reduces the commutation losses.   Moreover, as a solution for limiting the harmonic contents of the inverter output voltages, a sinusoidal LC filter is designed. The performance of the five phase IM drive is tested using the MP DTC, proposed MP FC, and proposed MP FC combined with the inverter output LC filter. The obtained results confirm the superiority of the proposed MP FC over the MP DTC technique in reducing the ripple contents in the controlled variables. Moreover, through utilizing the output LC filter, the harmonics content in the output inverter voltages is effectively reduced.
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Model Predictive Control; Flux Control; Torque Control; Ripples Reduction; Sinusoidal LC Filter; Five Phase Induction Motor

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