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Iterative Sequential Optimization Method for Maximizing the Wind Farm Generation Considering the Wake Effect

Young Gyu Jin(1), Yong Cheol Kang(2*)

(1) Departmentof Electrical Engineering, Jeju National University, Korea, Republic of
(2) Departmentof Electrical Engineering, Chonbuk National University, Korea, Republic of
(*) Corresponding author



The wake effect due to aerodynamic interaction among wind turbines makes the wind farm control a challenging problem. The issues on the wind farm control considering the wake effect include the power generation control, reduction of structural loads, and maximization of energy capture. Among these issues, this paper focuses on the maximization of energy capture and proposes an iterative sequential optimization method (ISOM). The ISOM is not limited to a particular wake model and is based on the actual measurement of the generated power. The ISOM aims to reduce the number of iterations by exploiting the properties of the maximization problem, which include the iterative single-variable optimizations and the sequential optimization in the direction from upwind turbines to downwind ones. Further, the ISOM achieves a significant level of performance in terms of the generated power at the early stage of the iteration process. The effectiveness of the ISOM is verified by the simulations using a four-turbine wind farm and the Horns Rev wind farm. The results show that the ISOM can effectively search the optimal solution with the trade-off between the number of iterations and the precision of the solution.
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Iterative Optimization; Power Maximization; Wake Effect; Wind Farm Control

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