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Validation of Methods for PV Module Characterization

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In this paper the standard method for PV module parameters calculation is validated while compared to real measured U-I characteristic of PV module. The standard method uses nominal data of PV module which are gained in laboratory conditions and often can produce very different values from those gained on real location. The PV module is described by parameters gained from real measured U-I characteristic which contains irradiation and temperature influence, as well as all other less significant influences which are often neglected in laboratory conditions. The comparison of modeled and measured results provides quality assessment of gained PV module parameters from nominal data. Result parameters with small errors will mean that model methods are good, while those with great error will be discarded as poor model methods and will be provided with better replacement. Finally, gained model will be good description of PV module for specific location.
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Photovoltaic; Modeling; Measuring; Validation

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