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The Mathematical Model of Generator Excited by Permanent Magnets with Stator and Rotor Nonmagnetic Shields

Flur Ismagilov(1), Irek Khairullin(2), Vajcheslav Vavilov(3*), Oksana Yushkova(4)

(1) FSBEI HPE of the UFA State Aviation Technical University (FSBEI HPE USATU), Russian Federation
(2) FSBEI HPE of the UFA State Aviation Technical University (FSBEI HPE USATU), Russian Federation
(3) FSBEI HPE of the UFA State Aviation Technical University (FSBEI HPE USATU), Russian Federation
(4) FSBEI HPE of the UFA State Aviation Technical University (FSBEI HPE USATU), Russian Federation
(*) Corresponding author



In this paper authors are studying processes in electrical generators with rotors and stators with nonmagnetic shield with high coercitive permanent magnets. These generators can be used in hydroenergy and aerospace industry. In the paper there is developed a mathematic model allowing to analyze statical and dynamical characteristics of electrical generators with rotors and stators with nonmagnetic shield. To check the theoretical results there was made computer model in Ansys software. Authors got that results of mathematical models is comparable with the results of computer model.
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Shielded Non-Contact Magnetoelectric Generators; Stator and Rotor Nonmagnetic Shields; Permanent Magnet; Ansoft Maxwell

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