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The Effect of Distributed Generation Type and Location Constraints on the Solution of the Allocation Algorithm

Rene Prenc(1*), Nikola Bogunović(2), Aleksandar Cuculić(3)

(1) Faculty of Maritime Studies, University of Rijeka, Croatia
(2) Croatian Electric Power Company (HEP), Croatia
(3) Faculty of Maritime Studies, University of Rijeka, Croatia
(*) Corresponding author



Modern planning of power distribution systems faces significant changes over the last few decades due to the massive introduction of distributed generation units. In this paper the authors discuss the inclusion of location constraints for optimal allocation of DG units. The goal function will be the minimization of cumulative average daily active power losses. Four types of DG units will be considered; a solar park, a wind farm, a power station that does not depend on an intermittent primary energy source and a small hydro unit. Each DG unit and network load will be modeled with its own characteristic average daily power production or consumption curve. The network load will consist of residential and industrial consumers. The problem will be solved using genetic algorithm and realized in Matlab programming environment.
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DG Allocation; Location Constraints; Loss Minimization; Genetic Algorithm

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